Our Scrum course is not just for a Scrum Master. It’s best suited for any role of a team, including, Developers, BA’s and everyone that work in Agile environments. Learn more about What Scrum is, how to apply it and how to be Agile.

This two-day course will give you a deep understanding of Agile methodologies and Scrum frameworks and enable you to be an outstanding member of a Scrum team, furthermore, you will gain practical knowledge of how to DO Scrum and BE Agile.


  • Understand and apply the principles and mindset of Agile
  • Define the difference between Agile and Scrum
  • Demonstrate the benefits of being Agile
  • Define and apply the Scrum Framework and practical tools
  • Explain the role and responsibility in the Scrum Framework

Who should attend

Anyone interested in understanding Agile and Scrum, in particular, Developer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Manager, Leader, Product Owner, etc.

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Malene is a great instructor, very educated and helpful about Scrum and Agile. Well versed in knowledge and provided great "philosophical" thinking towards solutions to problems at work.


Scrum Master

Was very useful getting an in-depth understanding of what the goal is with Agile -> Scrum methodology. Terminology explanation and where each step fits into the process will help me in the future to work smarter.


Andy Agile



I have worked in many teams and each experience offered a completely different interpretation of Agile and/or Scrum. For me, the workshop cleared the incredibly muddied waters! I now have a MUCH clearer idea of what Agile is, and how awesome SCRUM is.

Andy Agile


Andy Agile


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