What is Agile?

Defined as ‘able to move quickly and easily’.

With an Agile mindset, you are able to move quick and easy with the ever changing world around us. How will your business achieve this? With Agile of course!



Agile Transition

Agile Transition

The Agile transition is not always an easy one. We know that not all businesses fit the cookie cutter mold, and with our expertise in business agility we’re able to offer Agile Coaching, Scrum Mastering, Agile Teams, Consulting, Training and the full Agile view as per business requirements.

Agile Courses

Agile Training

We specialise in Agile & Scrum training with a specific aim in training all roles of a team. We find that once a team is aware of all the facets of Agile and Scrum, they better understand not only the process but appreciate the outcome even more. We’re also able to cater to specific business training needs.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

Agile coaching is a combination of coaching, consulting, training, and mentoring which can empower any business to start their Agile journey. An Agile coach is there to assist, mentor and coach the team and individuals, as the coach is able to see the end goal and map to get there.



Certified Scrum Master CSM®

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Certified Scrum Product Owner CSPO®

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Certified Scrum Developer CSD®

Certified Scrum Developer CSD®

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Training from the BACK of the room

Training from the BACK of the room

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Scrum for everyone

Scrum for everyone, and what is Agile?

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Sticky Notes

Tools for a Product Owner

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Why agile

Why Agile and what are the benefits?

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Malene is an excellent Product Owner workshop facilitator, she is always willing to explain domain concepts and keeps the attendees engaged with Product Owner centred activities.

Julian Testimonial


Business Analyst

I loved this course! I found it to be so interesting, refreshing, and extremely interactive which was great as it gave us all the opportunity to discuss the learnings and experiences.

Tammy Testimonial


Scrum Master

Thought I knew Scrum and Agile after doing it for 3 years. Turns out there's a lot more to it and that it takes even more skill to apply in the real world with real people working on real projects.

Stephanus Testimonial


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