About Us

Just like Andy Agile, we have the Agile mindset to inspect and adapt to the always changing world.


Our Story

At Agile of Course it is the passion for Agile and Scrum that drives us. Our mission is to help anyone in understanding and applying the Agile mindset – to be able to move quickly and easily in an always changing environment.

Our Agile coach and trainer, Malene, has taught Agile and numerous Agile frameworks since her early days as an Advanced Computer Scientist in Denmark; and since then it became a natural way of thinking professionally and personally. Malene fully lives up to the saying: you don’t do agile, you become agile!

Malene started her professional career as a Developer, and has since fulfilled various Scrum roles: Developer, Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Our Services

At Agile of Course we know that Agile and Scrum might be easy to understand but very difficult to implement. With different tools and techniques we help you or your company to go through the transformation, from the beginning stages, straight through to the end.




Andy Agile


I love Agile and have the true Agile mindset of inspecting and adapt. If you also want the Agile mindset you can check out our impressive courses, they are a lot of fun

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