What is Agile? Why should we become Agile? Is Agile for us? And what about Scrum? Is this some of the questions your team is asking? Then attend this half-day interactive workshop to get an understanding of the Agile mindset and see what benefits there is in being Agile.

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  • Understand and apply the principles and mindset of Agile
  • Define the difference between Agile and Scrum
  • Understand product ownership
  • Demonstrate the benefits of being Agile
  • Appreciate the critical success factors in using Agile methodologies
  • Explain the importance of self-organising teams and the core values of commitment, focus, openness, courage and respect.
  • Understand the next step for becoming Agile

Who should attend

  • Managers, Leaders, Executives, Sponsors that want an understanding of Agile
  • Everyone that would like to understand more of the Agile mindset and how it can benefit teams and businesses alike

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Andy Agile


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